Watkins Independent Associate



     About the Company
Watkins has been in business for over 130 years. Watkins products can only be purchased through our network of Independent Associates. Using the world's finest herbs, spices and plants, Watkins has created a comprehensive line of the highest-quality consumable products - from dietary supplements to specialty foods - to promote optimum health and wellness.
    Products & Services
Image   * Specialty Food Items - gourmet herbs and spices, sauces, dip mixes, deserts, coffee and tea, and many more.

* Personal Care Items - Hair Care, Skin Care, Aromatherapy, and more.

* Health and Nutrition - Salves and Creams, Liniments, Vitamins and other supplements, and more.

* Home Care - Cleaning and Laundry products, many of which are environmentally safe.

* Home Business Opportunity - An opportunity to be your own boss!

  Contact Information
Kathleen Opon Watkins Independent Associate
1109 Shoals Dr.
Lockport, IL

Phone: 815-834-0314
Fax:   815-834-0585

E-Mail: oponfam@iols.net

Please vist our website at quality.safeshopper.com


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