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Mayor's Welcome

Greetings to all:

The heart of any successful community is found in the businesses of that community. In Naperville, our businesses provide the backdrop for our outstanding quality of life by opening their doors to residents and visitors and providing a unique, in-person customer experience that cannot be rivaled. Whether a cherished community staple open for decades, or a start-up just beginning to make its mark, all our businesses play a critical role in their respective fields and in the continued vitality of Naperville.

In Naperville, we view economic development as a partnership effort by many organizations. The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, City of Naperville and Naperville Development Partnership seek to not only bring, but retain, businesses so that they can become longstanding fixtures within the city. 2017 saw several new businesses open their doors, including in the thriving downtown Water Street development, and several others have plans to open in 2018.

Naperville is the location of choice to do business in Chicago’s suburbs, and our continued focus is on making it as easy as possible for businesses to call Naperville home. To remain competitive and nimble in today’s business climate, we are now focusing our efforts on developing the technology infrastructure that will best support the needs of the next generation of businesses in Naperville. With one of the city’s four ends policies focused on economic development, we must act today to prepare the way for the businesses of tomorrow.

With the Chamber’s leadership continually seeking to improve the climate for businesses on a local, regional and national level, I am confident we are poised for even greater success in the months to come. In 2018 and beyond, I encourage everyone to continue supporting our business-friendly community by supporting those businesses that call Naperville home.

Steve Chirico
Mayor, City of Naperville

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