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Technology-Based Businesses

Magnitech Solutions

Since 2010, Magnitech Solutions has been providing information technology services and equipment, as well as computer security solutions, to small and mid-sized businesses around the Chicago metropolitan area, as well as to larger companies with locations around the United States.

Magnitech is the creation of CEO/Founder Timothy Pabich, a former managed services technology consultant. Seven years after its founding, his eight-employee firm hosts clients’ servers at their site and provides clients with customized computer equipment and software, email archiving, spam filtering, remote data back-up, employee website monitoring, disaster recovery, laptop tracking and even website development, as well as a help desk, licensing and remediation assistance and, most recently, security testing and training for client employees.

“We work to protect our clients so that they don’t lose even a bit of data,” Pabich said. “We can better safeguard them against hacking, phishing and ransomware with our Magnicloud Sync platform which offers better security and robust tracking and auditing capabilities. The bad guys out there are trying to manipulate legitimate businesses and if they manage to get the information they need, they can destroy everything you have been working on.”

“We have seen these threats coming for several years so we have been preparing by testing our clients’ employees with fake phishing scams and then training those who fall for the scams, teaching them what to look for before opening something suspicious,” he added.

“If an employee makes one wrong move, the whole business can be in trouble, so we are suggesting to our clients that they make room for this type of training in their overall training budget,” Pabich said.

Magnitech’s help desk is also willing to look at specific emails to advise a client’s employees about whether they are safe to open.

Pabich, who currently handles Magnitech’s sales function, credits Chamber networking events, recommendations by current clients and LinkedIn prospecting for the growth of his young firm.

Plaidypus Custom Software and Mobile Apps

In the early 2000s, Ryan McIntyre developed a computer application that helped him to run his own small enterprise that helped medical students find short-term housing. But before he knew it, McIntyre was receiving so many requests for similar customized computer applications from others that he changed gears and in 2004 started focusing on developing custom computer software and mobile apps for clients.

McIntyre’s business is now known as Plaidypus Custom Software (with its quirky plaid platypus logo) and it moved into Naperville in July.

Today he and his six-person team develop custom web apps, Android apps, IOS apps and custom software for a wide range of businesses, ranging from luxury retailers to landscapers, the aviation industry and newspapers.

“We help them with problems like scheduling, asset tracking, crew tracking and marketing through potential customers’ locations,” he said. “We have a landscaping client, for instance, who had four-man crews recording their hours on paper time cards. But the high overtime was killing him. So we developed a device that each crew’s driver carries and on it they record PIN numbers for each crew member, take their photos to verify identity and track times and locations.”

“This helps them with job costing and helps prevent wasted time. And each crew is required to log out at the end of the day, as well as between job sites so that they can be tracked,” McIntyre added.

“Now they have all of this history saved in their computer system instead of erasing it from a huge white board each week,” he said.

McIntyre and his crew have also created an app that can be marketed to and used by nonprofits and associations when they hold their fundraising golf outings. Plaidypus uses a printed set of QR codes, posted around the course, and encourage the participating golfers to find the codes and scan them to see sponsorship information and other fun facts along the course. At the end of the round, the foursome that finds and scans the most QR codes earns a prize and Plaidypus earns a small percentage of the sponsorship funds, in return.

“So far, those who have used the codes for events have had a lot of fun with them,” McIntyre said.

“Having the platypus as our logo is a good way of reminding ourselves that all businesses and clients are unique and that we can’t assume that all plumbers or all landscapers are the same. We start from Ground Zero with each client and build the best software and apps for each,” he added.

TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT, a national provider of comprehensive IT management services for businesses, opened a franchise office in Naperville in September 2016, owned by Ed Trauth. It is located at 1240 Iroquois Ave., Ste. 204.

Companies rely on TeamLogic IT’s managed services for proactive IT management to help increase productivity throughout their organization while also gaining better return on investment from their technology investments. Solutions are designed to meet client needs while helping them build an IT platform for future growth. TeamLogic IT also provides networking services, security services, data services, email services, telecommunications and hardware and software products for business managers seeking to outsource their IT needs. In fact, Franchise Business Review has named TeamLogic IT the No. 1 technology franchise company five years in a row.

“Due to our nationwide presence and hundreds of technicians around the country, we can offer more proactive services than most computer support companies. All of our services are designed to meet business technology needs and help our clients focus on their business while we handle all of their IT related issues,” Trauth said. “We are also willing and able to help them develop five-year technology expansion plans.”

TeamLogic IT is ranked 36th worldwide on MSPMentor 501 with 30,000 end points under its management, as well as by over 550 team members, of which 300 are technicians across the country. TeamLogic IT has vetted and developed partnerships with some of the leading technology companies in the IT support vertical including a 24/7 North America-based help desk with a success rate of providing solutions to 88 to 92 percent of its service tickets.

A native of the western suburbs and graduate of Iowa State University, Trauth’s background includes more than 15 years in the AV technology industry, both operating his own company, and in senior management for two Wyoming-based AV companies. Prior to this Trauth built his career in the oleochemical and ag-biotech industry.

Trauth provided the impetus for the recent establishment of the Chamber’s new Technology Advisory Group that hopes to generate additional business for local IT companies by assisting other members with IT advancement and problem-solving.

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