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Message from the President of the Village of Oak Brook

kevin quinlan

I ran for President of the Village of Oak Brook because I believed in giving back to my community. I also felt that my business background and experience would help the Village grow.

When I was elected in 2003, one of my first concerns was to improve the Village’s financial position. Today, the Village enjoys strong and steady financial growth. In particular, the Sports Core now has surpassed anticipated earnings goals. In addition, the Village has resolved its union contracts amicably, further strengthening the Village’s operational and financial position.

The Village also has funded three years worth of capital projects and attracted new development that will result in an additional $1.2 million in municipal revenue. We also are in discussion with several development teams for even larger capital projects.

In addition, the Village has worked hard to be good partners with our neighboring communities and has been supportive of the O’Hare expansion. The Village also has partnered with businesses to work for important infrastructure improvements, such as the widening of 22nd Street. The Village additionally is working closely with the Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce in planning for the revitalization of the Village’s commercial sector to address today’s business needs.

My vision for Oak Brook is that the Village sustain and grow its financial base, without imposing a municipal property tax. I also look forward to the Village’s upcoming expansion of its commercial sector that will coincide with the Village’s beautification work. This work will be carried out concurrently to ensure positive economic growth and a positive quality of life for the Village.

Oak Brook is a very special place. I hope you enjoy the many personal amenities and business advantages of this great community.

The Honorable Kevin Quinlan
Village of Oak Brook

Message from the Mayor of Oakbrook Terrace

thomas mazaika

When I was elected Mayor of Oakbrook Terrace in April 2001, my vision for the city was that it become one of the very best places to live and work. Since then the City Council and I have worked together to achieve that vision.

We also have created a community decision-making environment that is cooperative and professional. This has allowed us to achieve fiscal accountability and practical financial growth in our government and operations. There also is now more awareness about what the roles of the Mayor and City Council are.

The City Council and I are now working with the Village of Oak Brook, the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce and other government and corporate partners to ensure that we develop our communities in ways that strengthen our local economies and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

We are excited about the future and look forward to the continued development of Oakbrook Terrace’s beautiful new condominiums and townhomes, and the innovative promotion of our city’s exceptional hotels, restaurants and corporate centers.

This is a very good time to live or work in Oakbrook Terrace. We hope you
join us.

The Honorable Thomas Mazaika
City of Oakbrook Terrace

Village of Oak Brook

Incorporated February 21, 1958
Population: 8,702 (2000 Census)
Village Size: 5,051 acres, 7.9 square miles
Households: 3,124 (2000 Census)
Household Average Income: $187,961 (1999 Dollars)
Household Median Income: $146,537 (1999 Dollars)

Village Government:
President, Village Clerk, 6 Trustees, and Village Manager

Village Employees: 165 Full-Time Employees
Fire Insurance Rating: Class 3

Equalized Assessed Valuation:
Year 2005 - $1,481,931,334 (3.93% increase from 2004)
Year 2004 - $1,425,867,144 (7.44% increase from 2003)
Year 2003 - $1,327,099,526 (2.50% increase from 2002)

Local Taxes:
Property Tax Levy $0
Sales Tax 7.00%
Telecommunications 5%
Natural Gas Utility Tax 5%
Electricity Tax 5% with 10 rate tiers

3 PACE Bus Routes
Air Transportation: O'Hare Airport & Midway Airport

School Districts:
Butler Elementary School District #53
Elmhurst Community School District #205
Hinsdale Community Consolidated School District #181
Downers Grove Elementary School District #58
Salt Creek School District #48

High School
Elmhurst Community High District #205
Community High School District #99
DuPage High School District #88
Hinsdale Township High School #86

Community College District #502 (College of DuPage)

Lake Michigan Water via DuPage Water Commission

Waste Water: Flagg Creek Water Reclamation
District and Downers Grove Sanitary District

Public Utilities: NICOR Gas, Commonwealth
Edison, SBC and Comcast Broadband

Recreational Facilities:
Oak Brook Sports Core, Oak Brook Park District,
and DuPage County Forest Preserve District

Village of Oak Brook
1200 Oak Brook Road, Oak Brook, IL 60523
630-990-3000, Website:
Compiled and presented by the Village of Oak Brook.

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