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Message from the City Administrator and the Village Manager

Martin Bourke

As the City’s Administrator, Martin Bourke has played a key role in helping Mayor Mazaika and the City Council establish new goals and objectives for Oakbrook Terrace. This has been illustrated by Bourke’s effective work with the administration and council to find common ground on local issues ranging from the city’s finances to home rule.

Bourke also has played a critical role in building strong relationships between Oakbrook Terrace and neighboring communities, and in developing an important partnership between the city and the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference. Bourke believes that it is essential to build a level of trust between the city and its partners and constituents.

rick boehm

Bourke also emphasizes the city's interest in supporting its business community. Bourke said “The city wants to become a strong partner that the business community can rely on.”

One important way the city does this is to provide consistent levels of service to businesses. Bourke said, “It is the city’s goal to keep taxes low and services high.” Bourke said the city appreciates what businesses bring to the community and would like to talk more with local business representatives. Bourke said, “The city can provide better services when companies bring problems to us. That way we can begin working to solve those problems.”

Boehm has served as Village Manager since April 2003, when Kevin Quinlan was elected Village President. Boehm, like Quinlan, is excited about the Village’s future. “I'm especially impressed with the willingness of our board to allow the staff to be more forward thinking—about what Oak Brook is and what it can become,” said Boehm.

Boehm keeps this vision in mind as he manages the day to day operations of the village. And, Boehm appreciates a management team that helps him achieve operational goals. Boehm’s management team is made up of directors for the Police, Fire, Public Works, Finance, Community Development, Engineering and Sport Core and Recreation departments. “I have a really good management team to handle operations, as I seek dollars to support expanded work for the village, address transportation concerns, and work to be at the table as major decisions are made affecting DuPage County.”

Community partnerships are very important, said Boehm, to ensure that good community development is sustained over long periods of time. “My job is to work to develop the community and develop new community prospects, while fostering good relationships.” The Village’s Community Revitalization Committee and Beautification Steering Committee are both examples of coordinated efforts between the village, businesses and residents to develop Oak Brook.

Boehm believes that community coordination helps the Village of Oak Brook run efficiently and responsibly. Boehm said, “Out of all the levels of government, municipal government must be the most responsible unit—because we're local. This is because municipal government is the unit most directly involved with the community as a whole and the individuals who make up the community.”

Boehm is excited about what’s ahead for Oak Brook. “Oak Brook is such a unique and positive community. It has such a great history and so many amenities that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.” Boehm believes that Oak Brook now needs to move forward to expand on the village founders' vision. Boehm said, “We need to overlay that original vision with the current progressive community vision. We must understand what brought the community to where it is today, and plan how to move the community forward for the future.”

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