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Oakbrook Center
Over 12 percent of all business establishments in the United States are retail. These retail businesses generate $3.8 trillion in sales each year. In addition, the retail industry provides over 11% percent of all American jobs, employing 15.3 million people.

Retail is one of Oak Brook’s most important industries, particularly for the jobs provided by Oakbrook Center's stores and offices and for the tax dollars the shopping center contributes to the local economy. Last year alone, Oakbrook Center employed more than 18,000 people at its stores and offices and contributed $6.2 million in sales tax to Oak Brook’s tax base.

As DuPage County’s primary tourist attraction with over 25 million visitors each year, Oakbrook Center continues to perform among the highest levels within the regional mall industry. This is evident from the center’s steady occupancy rate from year to year. Oakbrook Center has maintained a 98 percent average occupancy rate for the past 20 years.

Oakbrook Center’s Management Team
Oakbrook Center’s Senior Marketing Manager, Suzanne Beres, and General Manager Chuck Fleming are experts at running the largest open-air shopping center in the nation.


During the last two years, as Beres and Fleming have achieved Oakbrook Center’s day-to-day operational goals, they also have led the center’s transition to new ownership by General Growth Properties. This work has involved successfully leading the incorporation of new management philosophies and practices for Oakbrook Center.

Now that Oakbrook Center is fully integrated with General Growth Properties, our goal is to continue to evaluate what is happening in the market and ensure Oakbrook Center’s place as the leader for the community,” said Fleming.

Beres also said that, “Marketing efforts continue to be enhanced in order to provide a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that Oakbrook Center is well-known for.”

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oakbrook center
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