Very few cities, towns and villages offer citizens the wide variety of housing options that are found in the Village of Park Forest.

  • The highest quality of upscale housing is available in the Thorn Creek development in the southeast corner of the Village.
  • New upscale homes are being constructed in the Tamarack subdivision in the southwest corner.
  • The Lincolnwood neighborhoods on the north end provide a wide variety of three and four-bedroom and split level options for persons seeking larger but more moderately priced homes.
  • Ranch-style homes and Cape Cod homes are found throughout the community, many of which feature additions that original owners put on over the years to accommodate their growing families.
  • Three senior citizen complexes are available and provide high quality, affordable residential opportunities for older residents.
  • Cooperative and condominium housing and rental opportunities are available for those who prefer multi-family living arrangements.

The Park Forest cooperatives offer perhaps the most unique aspect of our Village’s housing options. Organized into five separate corporations, the “co-ops” constitute about one-fourth of the total housing stock in the community. These multi-family developments, among the first buildings to be constructed in Park Forest, are owner-occupied and self-managed. As a result, they offer a housing ownership opportunity that is extremely affordable and yet of a high quality. Residents of the co-ops enjoy a maintenance-free living option that does not impact their disposable income in the same way that single-family residency does. Traditionally, about one-third of the residents of the co-ops have been young families saving to purchase single-family homes as the size of their families demanded more living space; one-third have been empty nesters who prefer smaller and more convenient living arrangements than what they would have in a single-family residence; and one-third have been seniors, many of whom travel during the winter months and enjoy the maintenance-free opportunity afforded by the co-ops. Over the years, residents of the co-ops have been among the most active citizens in our community.


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