graphicStudents in Pekin have one of the best educational programs in the state. Pekin Public Schools District #108 is responsible for the administration of students in grades K-8 which consists of six elementary (with all day kindergarten), two intermediate, and two junior high schools. State-of-the-art technology is used to integrate its curriculum networking information with other local classrooms or across the country for problem solving. The district offers both comprehensive special education and gifted programs, Latchkey for working parents and Even Start Family Literacy.

Pekin High School, District 303, allows students to choose from 125 different academic courses, plus more than 45 career-oriented courses. Qualified students can take advanced selective placement courses to earn college credit while still in high school.

The Pekin Technical Education Center offers a variety of trades and professions to equip students who enter the job market upon graduation.

All Pekin schools are noted for quality teaching, innovative programs, and excellent facilities that also provide abundant extracurricular opportunities. Beginning as early as the elementary level, young students participate in award-winning band and orchestra groups. In addition to the many sporting events involving conference competition for boys and girls alike, the Noteable Swing Choir has earned the national championship title, while speech and debate teams hold national titles. For those who love the theater, the drama department frequently produces plays and other performances.

Pekin Memorial Stadium hosts a large number of athletic and civic events throughout the year.

Pekin parents have access to several excellent parochial schools as an alternative to public education. These schools offer a well-rounded education program based on a foundation of religion. In addition, preschool and daycare centers are available.


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