The City of Plano was settled in 1853 and incorporated in 1883, being established as a result of the Chicago and Aurora Railroad expansion westward. The railroad decided to construct a station midway between their Sandwich and Bristol stations. The result was Plano; the City’s name being derived from the Spanish word for "plain:" Plano.graphic

The Marsh Harvester was invented and perfected in Plano, with a manufacturing plant being established in the City in 1864. Eventually, in 1880, the company was sold and moved to Chicago, becoming part of the International Harvester Company. Today, the Plano High School team is known as The Reapers.

The present day City, population 5,633, is located 50 miles from Chicago, 15 miles from Aurora, and still has strong ties to the railroad, providing a stop for Amtrak trains.



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