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Founded in 1850 on the banks of the Nippersink Creek, Genoa City, Wisconsin is a town bustling with growth and activity, yet still maintains its small town atmosphere. Genoa City is a town that has, over the years, exhibited a unique blend of tradition and open-mindedness to new ideas. It is this combination of tradition and intelligent growth that allows Genoa City to thrive as an excellent location for both families and businesses.

Genoa City, first named Genoa Junction, was a railroad hub in the 1870’s. The Fox River Road Railway and later, the Chicago Northwestern Railroad made this area prosperous and thriving. In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Genoa City was home to Borden’s as well as a local ice house that provided ice for the area and the city of Chicago. Through the utilization of hay and cork, ice was able to be stored year round for use. Also at this time, schools and churches were the centers of social activity, and the citizens of Genoa City gave much support to the war effort.

The years have brought many changes to Genoa City, but the heart of a small town still beats at its core. New subdivisions, schools, and industrial parks have been developed, but the town is true to its roots. It is still, in the words of one of its citizens, a great place to raise a family.




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