The mission of the Rock Island-Milan School District #41 is to provide an education based upon excellence while recognizing the individual differences and needs of children. District 41 teachers, administrators and support staff are dedicated to providing an environment that enhances the development of self-esteem, responsibility, critical thinking, and good communication skills for their students.

Partnerships with community organizations are encouraged and realized through the Adopt-A-School program. In this program, a school is paired with an organization to help in whatever capacity is appropriate for that school. The program is a great example of how Rock Island residents and businesses demonstrate the importance of education through their actions. graphic

Nearly 7,000 students attend the District’s 16 elementary, middle and senior high schools. The voters of the community recently passed a referendum by a margin of 4-1 to allow the District to continue to upgrade its facilities. Applying more than $26 million to the schools over a two-year period from 1997-1999, District 41 is the only district in the Quad Cities to have climate control systems in every building, enabling comfortable learning to take place year round. The schools are technologically equipped following a locally developed plan. Computer aided drafting, modular technology programs and television production augment the use of computers in the classroom labs. Year-round programs are in place at Horace Mann and Grant Elementary schools, which offer nine to ten week sessions with a two to three week break between each session.

The schools are staffed by a ratio of 20.5 students per teacher. Thus, classes are kept small enough for interaction between the child and teacher. On average, teachers in Rock Island have more experience than their counterparts statewide. At the teacher recognition banquet each year, teachers from Rock Island receive a significant number of the "Master Teacher" awards given.

Various sports teams, clubs and other extra-curricular activities are available to students. These programs further enhance the educational experiences while allowing participants to develop their unique interest, talents and skills.

Rock Island is fortunate to also have three excellent private schools serving students in grades K-12. Alleman Catholic High School, Jordan Catholic Schools, and Immanuel Lutheran Elementary offer quality educational opportunities combined with religious study.


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