The Village of Roselle, established in 1874, was named for a wealthy landowner/meat packer named Rosell Hough who left his familyšs home in 1841 to move to Chicago where he started out working in a meat packing firm. Once he had saved enough money, Hough purchased a parcel of land from his father and named it after himself.

Hough retired in 1868 after achieving prominence and wealth in Chicago and moved to Roselle, which was now in the middle of a flourishing agricultural area. He chose flax as his main cash crop and built the Illinois Linen Company with the help of imported labor from Chicago to harvest the flax and work the mill.

Roselle itself experienced much growth and development after the turn of the century. The Village was officially chartered by the State of Illinois in 1922, with a population of 225 on one square mile of land. The story of Rosellešs rich history can be told by the Roselle Historical Foundation. School children and interested residents can learn more about the Villagešs past by viewing the artifacts and memorabilia that are preserved and displayed by the Historical Foundation.

The early residents of Roselle, whose memories are kept alive at the Historical Foundation, can be thanked for their foresight and commitment which has helped the Village to remain a strong community into the 21st century. Rosellešs prosperity and growth can also be attributed to the descendents of the early residents who continue to make this their home because of the opportunities that Roselle offers them today. Our residents choose to stay in the community to advance their careers and family life.

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