Roselle is located almost midway between the regionıs two most famed shopping malls, making it a shopperıs paradise. Woodfield Mall is minutes away to the northeast and Stratford Square Mall is minutes to the southwest, giving local shoppers easy access to nearly 400 stores in temperature-controlled environments. Roselleıs shopping areas can also accommodate your needs when you simply need to run out to a small shop or convenience store for a few items.

Roselle is a ³full service² village with ample banking facilities, attorneys, doctors, dentists, restaurants, car dealerships, grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, florists, car care centers, and specialty shops.

Shopping in and around Roselle accommodates all your needs, from picking up milk for dinner after work, to spending the day entertaining yourself at one of the regional malls with all of their attractions; fountains, craft shows, fashion shows, movie theaters and special events for the kids.

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