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Location I-65 runs along the city's western boundary, with access to Indianapolis (I45 miles). I-80, I-90 and I-94 run along the northern boundary. These interstates provide quick access to Illinois and Wisconsin, east to South Bend, MIchigan and Ohio. U.S. 20 skims the northern boundary, Indiana 51 runs north and south through the center of the city. Rail LInes: Conrail, CSS & SB, Airports: Hobart, Valparaiso, Gary, Griffith, Nearest Major Airport: Gary, Chicago, Truck Lines: Numerous.

City Population: 13,899 County Population: 475,594 (from 1990 Cencus)

Form & Organization:

Mayor, clerk/treasurer, 7 councilmen, Term of office: 4 years, expires 12-31-95

Incorportated Primary Source of Revenue: Property Tax and State Tax.

Police Force: 20

Volunteer Fire Department: 75

Sewage Treatment Plant: 100% Coverage

Storm Sewers: 75% Sanitation Services.

Single family and multiple dwellings, price range: $40,000-$125,000. Houses for rent. Electric/Gas: Northern Indiana Public Service Company, Water: Gary-Hobart Water Corp. and City Wells, Telephone: General Telephone Company of Indiana.

Elementary: 7, grades Kindergarten - 6, enrollment 1919, High Schools: 2, Grades 7 - 12, Enrollment 1610, Parochial: 1, Vocational Trade School: 2, Special Ecducation Co-op, College and Universities (Nearby): Indiana University, Gary; Calumet College, East Chicago; Purdue University, Hammond/Westville; Valparaiso University, Valparaiso.

Electrosurgical Instruments: Greenwalk Surgical Company; Tools and Dies: Sun Engineering Company; Concrete Products and Miami Stone: East Gary Concrete Products; Lubricants for Industry: ProChem, Inc. Planned Industrial Sites: 1, Total 285 Acres: Available Vacant Buildings: 4; Financing Available: Lease or lease/purchase; Contact: Mayor's office, 3701 Fairview Avenue, Lake Station, IN 46405, (219) 962-2081.

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