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Dozens of Fortune 500 companies are operating in the Clinton region and many smaller manufacturing, distribution and service industries also enjoy an excellent return on their investments. Strategically located with a working population of more than a quarter of a million, the Greater Clinton Region is more than a business-friendly environment. It’s a place where business and industry, from local entrepreneurs to major manufacturing companies, can thrive. With a productive, diverse workforce and a great location, this area is marked for achievement.

Whether a company is large or small, family or shareholder-owned, the Clinton region’s large and active Chamber of Commerce makes
doing business here even easier. Clinton is the kind of place where people get involved and take action. Organizations that are Chamber members gladly and generously provide the manpower and resources necessary for making programs and initiatives successful. Business and industry can rely on the support of their peers, and many opportunities for networking and growth.

Along with the business community, local government also works to ensure that the needs of business and industry are met. Community leaders take a pro-business approach to the application of programs such as: tax increment financing, partial property tax exemption, enterprise zone benefits and other economic development tools. Economic development and local government representatives work hand-in-hand to make the best use of these benefits to encourage growth.

The Clinton area offers unmatched transportation advantages for companies looking to move products and bring in raw materials. The area is centered on the intersection of two U.S. Highways; North-South U.S. Hwy. 67 and East-West U.S. Hwy. 30. Both serve to connect local business to interstate highway access within minutes, opening our area to serve major Midwest markets in hours rather than days. In addition, the area is centered on the nation’s most important inland waterway, the Mississippi River, as well as the east-west main line of the nation’s largest railroad, Union Pacific.

Starting with the earliest settlers, the Clinton area has offered industry, innovation, ingenuity and ambition. Local upstarts, such as Custom-Pak, Inc., Timken Drives, LLC., as well as giants such as ADM, rely on these qualities to remain relevant in a global market place. For more than 150 years, the community has been a destination for business and industry. We invite you to continue that trend; come explore the variety of opportunities that await you.

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