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Oelwein is a small melting pot, rich in diversity and culture. The dawn of the railroad brought an influx of people from various cultures and countries who followed the railroad to Oelwein. Oelwein was nicknamed “Hub City” because of the rail lines coming into town and the repair shops located there. Even though most of the railroad business was moved in the 1980s, the railroad made Oelwein and the surrounding area what it is today. To celebrate its rich heritage as a railroad hub, agricultural center and American city, Oelwein holds many annual events within the community. Annual events include a Fourth of July celebration, Heritage Days in August and Olde Tyme Christmas in December. Many downtown promotions and events are held throughout the year.


Oelwein is proud of our wide variety of retail businesses, unique shops, restaurants, industries, an excellent hospital facility and a municipal airport. Oelwein has an excellent school system including the Regional Academy for Math and Science (RAMS) center and a Northeast Iowa Community College satellite center. In addition, Oelwein is fortunate to have a daily newspaper since the 1800s and a radio station for 50 years. Many opportunities exist for our residents and visitors, or for someone wanting to locate a business or industry in Oelwein.

Whatever you are looking for, Oelwein has something for you! Enjoy our attractions, food and atmosphere. We hope you experience all that Oelwein has to offer.

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