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Mayor of Fenton

Mayor of Fenton

Welcome to the Village of Fenton, home of the Golden Eagles.

The Village of Fenton came into existence in 1892 when Silas J. Fenton, pioneer settler, was commissioned as the first U.S. Postmaster. Founded predominately as a rice farming area, we are a diversified, family-oriented community deeply rooted in church, school and community.

We are located 10 miles north of Interstate 10, off of the Highway 165 pathway to the famous Casino Coushatta Resort. The Village of Fenton has a population of 379 residents and is the smallest of the parish’s incorporated towns, but we have big hearts.

We are in the process of rejuvenating our Red Beans and Rice Festival and established and celebrated our First Annual Community Fun Day in 2013. We also have a great RV park, Quiet Oaks RV Park. You can access their website at to see all that they offer. We also have an Exxon/fast food station where you can not only get fuel but you can enjoy a variety of foods as well as the best cracklins around.

Also we have a new Chevron franchise where you can enjoy hamburgers, fried chicken and a variety of other menu items with a full seating diner.

So stop by and visit with us, and I am sure you will enjoy our great hospitality.

Mayor, Village of Fenton Eddie B. Alfred Jr. (337) 756-2324

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