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In America, a new industrial revolution is beginning – and it’s standing everything you thought you knew about manufacturing on its head. The revolution is taking place all over, but not every region is equally aware of it, equally ready to reap its rewards or equally committed to making this revolution all it can be. Among the handful that are, one region stands out: the Toledo Region.

The Toledo Region is taking its place at the forefront of this new economy because it has manufacturing in its bones. Think of this region as possessing the very best of the manufacturing mindset. It’s ingrained in the business community, upheld by the universities and proudly embraced by the region’s people in general. Talent? Here. Capital? Here. Networks? Here. Universities powering business growth at its core with relevant education, imaginative programs and farsighted partnerships? You’ll find them here, too.


The Toledo Region has the optimal mix of location, technological resources and skilled workforce to power all types of industries. A crossroad of commerce, the Toledo Region is located within 300 miles of 62 percent of all US and Canadian manufacturing locations and almost 40 percent of the North American population. Due to this market proximity, there is more industrial space within 300 miles of the region than any other location in the U.S.

The region is served by a world-class transportation system that includes interstate highways, international and domestic airports, class I railroads, and navigable waterways leading to the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Just as robust as its transportation infrastructure is the region’s utility infrastructure. The several companies that power the region provide competitively priced and reliable electricity—and offer compelling incentive programs to businesses.

In telecommunications infrastructure, too, the region is unsurpassed. Additionally, abundant water resources result in some of the lowest prices in North America for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Company — Product/Service — # of Employees

1. ProMedica Health Systems (HQ) — Medical Facilities — 12,414

2. University of Toledo (Main Campus) — University — 6,538

3. Mercy Health Partners (HQ) — Hospitals — 6,533

4. Bowling Green State University — University — 5,287

5. Lucas County — Government — 3,700

6. Toledo Public Schools — Education — 3,564

7. Kroger, Inc. — Retail Grocery — 2,786

8. City of Toledo — Government — 2,614

9. Wal-Mart — Retail Sales — 2,470

10. Sauder (HQ) — Furniture — 2,267

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