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Economic Vitality

There are many adjectives that can be used to describe Hermiston: peaceful, beautiful, relaxing, verdant, convenient, warm, friendly, cultured, sunny, elegant, unfettered. Located in the geographic corner of Umatilla County, on the edge of Interstate 84 and 30 miles from Tri Cities Washington to the north, Pendleton to the East and Walla Walla, Washington to the southeast along the Columbia River, Hermiston lies in a sheltered cove, spreading its green carpet across the desert floor from the Blue Mountains on the east side to the vistas of Mount Hood in the distance.

The city’s economic development, the Port of Umatilla County and the Chamber of Commerce West Umatilla County Economic Development Group work together to attract companies, industries and businesses to our area; the Hermiston area is a leader in job growth and availability. The Chamber and city of Hermiston websites at and both have comprehensive demographics of Hermiston, information on the workforce and local educational opportunities, cost of living statistics, key contacts and information when looking to invest in Hermiston.

For business owners, Hermiston is the perfect community to conduct business. Our residents are well established with a taste for the finer things in life. With our population growing each year, the opportunity for a business to be successful is outstanding. Our city is also very supportive and eager to help owners reach their full potential. Hermiston is truly the center of Umatilla County business.

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