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Hermiston is a gigabit community!

In addition to all of the other quality-of-life benefits you’ll find here, Hermiston is a gigabit community. Residents and businesses in Hermiston have access to internet speeds up to one gigabit per second. That is 1,000 megabits per second.

While metropolitan areas all across the country are scrambling to attract providers to offer that kind of access to the internet, Hermiston already has it. This amenity brings significant benefits in the areas of economic development, tele-health/tele-medicine, distance education, public safety and entertainment. Businesses of all sizes, schools, government offices, health care facilities and families in the area are all benefiting from the security, scalability and speed inherent in Hermiston’s fiber optic networks.

Students at a local Bible college are able to attend class virtually with other students and professors who are physically in California because of the speed and low latency of their fiber optic connection. Both the Hermiston Conference Center, where the Chamber of Commerce is located, and the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center are connected to the internet with fiber optics. This allows the city to host events of all kinds, even those from the technology sector. Locating in Hermiston means having access to some of the best and fastest telecommunications in the world.

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