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There is so much to love about Rapid City, South Dakota. The gorgeous landscape inspires and invokes awe. The nearly 70,000 residents of this natural wonderland get to enjoy a picturesque view every day, while tourists flock by the millions each year just to catch a glimpse. Numerous state parks, serene memorials, exciting attractions and overall beauty of the area are quite enticing.

Located on the eastern end of the Black Hills, Rapid City is unlike any other city in the world. It began as a settlement started by prospectors whose quest came up empty. They may have not found what they were looking for, but instead stumbled upon something better. Little did they know their unlucky situation would turn into the second largest city in the state teeming with visitors.

Outdoor recreation is at its best in Rapid City and nearby. Scour the area bike riding, hiking, fishing, boating; the list never ends. Visit the lakes, hills and valleys to enjoy the splendor of nature. There are also a few man-made creations that enrich the area with a sense of history and hope for the future. Mount Rushmore in nearby Keystone celebrates the foundation of our country. The unfinished Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse shows the roots of the area and a look toward what is yet to come.

Wildlife flourishes here. Custer State Park, only 39 miles from Rapid City, offers a chance for visitors to get close to nature on the park’s wildlife loop. Sightseers can drive through the park and gaze upon wild bison, elk, deer and a number of other animals roaming free over the over 70,000 acres the park covers.

native american

The presence of the Native American spirit is quiet evident and provides for a diverse and rich culture. Many events are dedicated to the Native American people and their continued influence on the Black Hill region.

Not only is Rapid City a great vacation destination, it is also a fantastic place to call home. Excellent schools, top-notch healthcare, low taxes and affordable housing area are just some of the benefits residents enjoy. Easily accessible via road and air, business flourishes in Rapid City.

So, come for a visit or stay for a lifetime. Rapid City, South Dakota offers a unique experience that is not to be missed.

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