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Greenfield has grown in population since 1839, but has been reduced in land size. We are one-third our original land size and, as of the 2004 census, the population is 36,059. The city encompasses 11.7 square miles, with boundaries so irregular that it is difficult at times to define exactly where we are located.

Greenfield now has two fire stations with approximately 51 firefighters. The police department has increased to 55 police officers and 26 auxiliary positions. We have five aldermanic districts and a full-time mayor. Our boundaries include three school districts: Greenfield, West Allis/West Milwaukee and Whitnall; eight city parks: Konkel, Dan Jansen, Honey Bear, Haker, Creekwood Park, Brookside-Meadow Drive, Pondview and Wildcat Creek Nature Corridor; and five county parks: Armour, Barnard, Zablocki, Kulwicki and Root River Parkway.

Greenfield gives you the ease and space of a wonderful suburban community environment and all of the opportunities that any individual, family, or business could want; a great community in which you can have all the resources to give you the highest quality of life and get to know your neighbors too! We strive to meet the needs of our strong community of more than 36,000 residents.

The myriad advantages of an urban lifestyle is that it can encompass the quality of life that we all hope to achieve: cultural (ballet, opera, theatres, concerts, museums); social (clubs, organizations and many festivals); economic (business, industries, retail); educational (excellent grade schools, high school, colleges and universities); recreational (professional sporting events, five miles to Lake Michigan for walks on the beach, boating, or fishing, county park systems, bike trails, golf courses, bowling, tennis and racquetball facilities); shopping (quick access to Southridge and Mayfair Malls and Bayshore Town Center); casual and fine dining and gambling at the local casino. In addition, Greenfield is less than 15 minutes to the internationally acclaimed Milwaukee County Zoo, Boerner Botanical Gardens, and downtown Milwaukee.

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