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Business and Industry

Business and Industry

Muskego Economic Development promotes Muskego as a vibrant business location to new businesses and works to provide opportunities to retain current businesses. Muskego is centrally located within a regional economy defined by the cities of Milwaukee, Chicago, Rockford-Beloit-Janesville and Madison. Based on projected growth trends, Muskego is expected to be one of the strongest and fastest-growing communities in the region. In fact, the city’s commoncouncil has had a common goal of increasing Muskego’s Business tax base to be in line with other southeastern Wisconsin communities, in the area of 18-20 percent. Muskego started this goal a few years back when the percentage was found to be around nine percent of other communities its size. The commercial tax base percentage has climbed to 12.9 percent as recently as 2009. A wealth of new opportunities for development is on the horizon as well, which should push Muskego to its goal of 18-20 percent sometime in the near future.

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Responsible economic growth and preservation of its natural resources enables Muskego citizens to enjoy a superior quality of life. To maintain Muskego’s natural appeal, discrete business and industrial parks have been established. The current 234-acre Muskego Business Park is located at the intersection of Racine Avenue and Janesville Road. Through the efforts of the community development authority, this park has recently experienced enhancements including full property cleanup/compliance and new beautification efforts (landscaping, identity signage, etc.). The park is the home of major company headquarters, such as the InPro Corporation. The park also includes small and medium size companies, and is conveniently located just two miles south of I-43.

The newest business park, prominently located on Moorland Road between Janesville Road and College Avenue, is known as the Muskego Commerce Center. The center features the global distribution headquarters for General Electric's medical equipment supplies. The commerce center also features many newly built acres along the west/east sides of Moorland Road, ripe with opportunity for professional office, light manufacturing and commercial use. The commerce site is a signature professional development for Muskego as it unfolds in the months and years ahead, with its convenient location just a mile south of I-43’s Moorland Road exit. The Tess Corners Industrial Park is a smaller, 60-acre site located near the intersection of Tess Corners Road and College Avenue.


In 2012 and 2013, our main street, Janesville Road, will be reconstructed to a new four-lane roadway in which we will be applying quality beautification efforts including extensive landscaping, new sidewalks and lighting. Janesville Road will truly have a new sense of place perfect for people to gather and work, live and play. Incentives for redevelopment are also allowed throughout this area for businesses. Muskego’s original and historic downtown, Pioneer Drive, an offshoot of Janesville Road, is also a redevelopment district for the quainter side of retail. The city’s commitment is strong in redefining our main street to benefit our local economy and foster community pride.

Emphasizing a strong Chamber of Commerce, local labor force, excellent educational system and attractive business parks and development opportunities, Muskego will continue to attract new commercial and industrial enterprises while continuing to support established companies.

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