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Welcome from the Village President

Ronald G. Hayward

Welcome to the Village of West Milwaukee. Our Village slogan says it well, a “proud past and a promising future.” In the history of the Village, smoke stacks were very prominent because of the industrial heritage, but as the years progressed and the industrial revolution took place, those stacks were replaced by development that brought about a different image to our Village. New roads replaced aging infrastructure and soon retail and commercial businesses became our new neighbors.

Being just over one square mile in size, our Village is actually the smallest of the suburbs in Milwaukee County. Our advantages are direct access to the freeway, being in the center of Milwaukee County where it takes only minutes to get to downtown Milwaukee, the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds, Milwaukee County Zoo, Maier Festival Grounds, regional shopping centers and best of all, Miller Park is right in our backyard.

Our Neighbors include food and beverage establishments such as Rocky Rococo, Chili’s, McDonald’s, Panda Express, Culver’s, Starbucks and our retail businesses include Walmart, Target, Menards, Firestone and grocery stores Pick ’n Save and Cermak.

Certainly we can’t forget our residential neighbors that still maintain the quality of housing that we insist and look for. As a member of the joint school district of West Allis-West Milwaukee; there is Pershing Elementary and West Milwaukee Intermediate School and our churches are St. Florian Catholic Church and St. John’s Lutheran Church, where many of our residents attend services with both churches being a mainstay in our Village for many years. Situated in the heart of the Village is West Milwaukee Park which is well maintained by Milwaukee County and enjoyed by many of our residents and neighbors to the Village.

We welcome visitors to our community to see why we are very proud.

Ronald G. Hayward
West Milwaukee Village President

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